POLAR Sign To Domino PR

IMG_1681We are very chuffed to announce the arrival of Guildford born hardcore quintet POLAR to the Domino PR roster.

New single ‘Bloodlines’ is in aid of the bands forthcoming tour with Brutality Will Prevail this winter. This single is the second to be taken from their new album ‘Shadowed By Vultures’, released earlier this year.

POLAR are known for their furious live shows and unforgetable performances, “A bit like a sledgehammer to the face” explains vocalist Adam Woodford, “we’re all about crowd participation, sing alongs and stage dives. ‘Bloodlines’ gets such a great reaction live, so we wanted to make a video and get it out in more peoples faces!”

The band have been played numerous shows and festivals all over the world, living in their van since their formation back in 2009. They’ve gained radio airplay on Mike Davies former Radio 1 Punk Show, along with touring with the likes of While She Sleeps, Funeral For A Friend and more – a very impressive career from a band running on a diet of no sleep and enduring drives. Thus proving they will do what it takes to get their music into the ears of as many listeners as humanly possible.

Check out the video for ‘Bloodlines’ here, released today exclusively with Rock Soundhttp://rcksnd.tv/1wBDKxp

Tour Poster

For radio interviews, to download the single for airplay, live review requests, or anything else please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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