OVER Sign To Domino PR


We are very excited to announce the addition of another awesome European band to the Domino PR roster; today we welcome alternative pop punk quintet OVER. Hailing from Modena in Italy, OVER have achieved some impressive things in their home country and are ready to bring their sound to the UK with full throttle.

After playing shows alongside the likes of Zebrahead, Our Last Night and Palisades, it only encouraged the band to put everything they have and more into their music.

“After the release of our first album, we played all over Italy, after having a great response from everyone who listened to our record. These fans then went on to rush to our concerts and the dream only grew bigger” explains drummer Fede Bernardi.

OVER do not shy away from their obvious comparisons, and champion the fact they are a female fronted pop punk band. “Tonight Alive are without a doubt our favourite band. We also love other female fronted greats such as Paramore and Evanescence and most recently PVRIS; they are definitely one of the best revelations of 2015.” continues Fede. “We also love Mallory Knox, Sleeping With Sirens and YouMeAtSix, all amazing bands doing great things around the world, something we dream of being able to one day achieve”.

You can expect a brand new single from OVER in the next few weeks as well as a full UK tour to be announced later on today via their Facebook page. You can check that out here.

For review materials, interviews or anything else please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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