Set For The Sky Sign To Domino PR

SFTS FieldWe are excited to announce the addition of another great international band to the Domino PR family, this time they come from South Africa’s capital Cape Town, we welcome Set For The Sky.

For fans of Crown The Empire, Set It Off and Black Veil Brides, Set For The Sky are an alternative rock quartet who are known for for their energetic and theatrical live performances in their home country.

After playing various shows and festivals, the band picked up endorsements with South Africa’s largest music distributor Paul Bothner Music, which includes Ernie Ball and Zaildjian brands. Their new single is taken from the bands debut album ‘The Machine’ released earlier this year. Each song on the record is a chapter in a story set in the world of ‘The Machine’.

“We just want to make our parents proud and stick it to the teachers in school who said we’d get nowhere doing music.” explains the band, “The new single is about a character who foresees the forceful invasion of their home by The Machine. They warn everyone to flee but in in the process gets left behind themselves. The protagonist is captured and imprisoned but escapes and vows to take revenge on the force that is The Machine.”

To find out more on Set For The Sky check out their Facebook page here.

For review materials, interviews or anything else please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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