WE ARE CARNIVORES release new video for single ‘You Can’t Argue With Sharks’

WAC LOW RES“More mathy than taking an A-Level maths exam” – Alex Baker, Kerrang Radio

Math-rock trio WE ARE CARNIVORES are pleased to reveal their next single to be taken from their new EP release ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’. ‘You Can’t Argue With Sharks” is the next chapter in the band discography of unique British rock bangers. The video for the single premiered with BLAH earlier this week and you can now check it out below.

When speaking to the band about their new single release and what it is about they said: “The embarrassment and frustration we feel when seeing the petty way our elected representatives approach serious social issues (or just any issue); prioritising point-scoring and using diminutive, divisive labels is second to none. All those things and also we wanted to a huge-large synth bass under a nasty, sludgy breakdown.” – Harry Christopher, vocals/guitars

The band’s title track from the EP ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’ was championed by Dean Jackson on BBC Introducing’s The Beat on BBC Radio Nottingham and Kerrang Radio‘s Alex Baker on his Kerrang Radio Fresh Blood Show.

Jumbling together angular riffs and in-your-face time changes, WE ARE CARNIVORES are band not for the faint hearted and are an incredible math rock trio not to be forgotten anytime soon.

Theodor's A Don, Bro - iTunes Artwork

‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’ (EP) is out now.


Harry Christopher – Vocals, Guitar
James Pickersgill – Guitar, Vocals
Beu Smith – Drums, Vocals



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