Italian rock n roll quartet CELEB CAR CRASH announce forthcoming album details


Italian rock n roll quartet CELEB CAR CRASH are pleased to reveal the details of their forthcoming album ‘People Are The Best Show’, due for release in the UK on the 25th November 2016 via 1981 Records.

CELEB CAR CRASH has become a household name in Italy with the band holding an impressive amount of achievements under their belt across the board. In the past they have supported the likes of Lacuna Coil and Coheed and Cambria, and have also caught the eye of Red Bull and Italy’s Rolling Stone magazine. Not only that, Italy’s Virgin Radio has been championing all of the band’s single releases taken from the forthcoming album and in the summer they even caught the eye across the pond in the US, when Revolver magazine premiered the release of their latest single ‘Let Me In’.

Check out the video release here below..

Giovanni Versari (Muse ‘Drones’) mastered ‘People Are The Best Show’ and CELEB CAR CRASH are eager to get their music out there in the UK. We want to reach the heart of the matter, the core of making music. We believe that we are making our own thing with our own voice, perhaps a bit cynical but we’re hoping to find people that share our love, feelings and vision.”

For fans of Foo Fighters and Kings Of Leon, CELEB CAR CRASH will release ‘People Are The Best Show’ on the 25th November in the UK on 1981 Records.


‘People Are The Best Show’ (Album) track listing:
1) Let Me In
2) Because I’m Sad
3) The Whereabouts
4) Outdone
5) Hello, ‘Morning
6) Murder Party
7) January
8) Enemy’s Desire
9) Stereo (The Body of Christ)
10) Hangin’ On A Rope
11) Nothing New Under The Sun
12) Nearly In Bloom

Nicola Briganti – Vocals & Guitars
Carlo Alberto Morini – Guitars
Simone Benati – Bass
Michelangelo Naldini – Drums

For review materials, interview requests or any other press enquiries please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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