Progressive metal six-piece HIEROGLYPH preview new single and announce debut album details


Progressive metal six-piece HIEROGLYPH are pleased to reveal the details of their forthcoming debut album ‘Ouroboros’, which is due for release on the 18th November 2016. Last week the band revealed the first single to be taken from the release, ‘Starlight (The High Priestess)’, that streamed exclusively on Metal Underground. You can now check it out here below..

For fans of Lacuna Coil and vildhjarta ‘Ouroboros’ is an incredible declaration of the bands ability to write creative and technical music. The release is a concept album, based around the story of a rise to consciousness and higher thinking that is encoded into the first 11 Tarot cards, the Major Arcana. Each song corresponds with a different card and takes you on a journey, beginning as The Fool and finishing as the Magnus or Magician.

“One of the main reasons I love being in this band is the diversity and musicality from everyone. Not only that, we work so hard on improving too; I think it’s very inspiring” claims guitarist Richard Barnes, “The album is very diverse and it’s got a lot of different elements and moods to it. It seems perhaps a little cocky having our debut album be a concept album but we’ve never been a band to do things by halves!”

The album boasts an array of different attributes, from slow and sludgy guitars to blast beats and electronica. The female and male vocals laced throughout add an original feel to the record, making the vast array of different elements of this release incredibly admirable for a debut.

HIEROGLYPH’s new single ‘Starlight (The High Priestess)’ is out now.

‘Ourobobos’ is self-released on the 18th November 2016.


Ouroboros (Album) track listing:

1) Solar – (The Fool)
2) Samsara – (The Wheel of Fortune)
3) Enochian – (The Hermit)
4) Rise and Fall – (Strength)
5) Jopari – (The Chariot)
6) Mandragora Lunar – (The Lovers)
7) Crown – (The Hierophant)
8) The Butterfly – (The Emperor)
9) Sapphire – (The Empress)
10) Starlight – (The High Priestess)
11) Ouroboros – (The Magician)

Mark Howes – Vocals
Valentina Reptile – Vocals
Sam Butterfield – Guitar/Electronics
Richard Barnes – Guitar
Helen Tytherleigh – Bass Guitar
Bradie Nixon – Drums

For review materials, interview requests or any other press enquiries please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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