Introducing URSUS with their new video for single ‘Hallowed Shakes’

Hailing from the South West of the UK, metal quartet URSUS revealed the video for their new single release ‘Hallowed Shakes’. The video premiered with New Noise Magazine earlier this week and can now be watched via the link below..

Hallowed Shakes’ is an emotionally driven song and showcases what the band are capable of; you can really hear the sadness and compelling empathy of the track in both the music and the vocals. URSUS guitarist James Matthews recorded and produced the new single himself and Ermin Handanovic mastered the track. This was a massive stepping stone for the band, as Hananovic mastered the last two Periphery albums and having his expertise on the track has definitely elevated an already incredible song.

Having recently got a taste of the limelight after playing shows with the likes of Loathe and From Sorrow To Serenity, 2018 is shaping up to be a huge chapter in the bands career, with the new year seeing the release of the bands second EP.

“URSUS is not just a band to us, it’s a passion, a release and so much more and we think we express that through our live shows. All we want, is to be able to play the music that is important to us.” explains James Matthews, URSUS guitarist. “We don’t confine ourselves to any set of rules so every release is different. Expect something darker, faster and more aggressive than anything that’s come from us before. Some of the songs from the new EP are already finished and sound more like a horror movie than they do your average metal song!”

URSUS are an aggressive, heavy and technical metal band who push the boundaries of their genre, taking influence from a variety of different sub genres. This gives them a unique end result and ‘Hallowed Shakes’ is the perfect track to introduce the band to the metal world.

Joe Grimes – Vocals
James Matthews – Guitars
Aaron Black – Drums
Ryan Martin – Bass

For press packs, interview requests or any other press enquiries please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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