THE MECHANIST reveal ‘Timekeeper’ playthrough video and B-Side single

Progressive metalcore quintet THE MECHANIST are pleased to reveal their B side single ‘Between The Lines’, along with a playthrough video of previously released A side single ‘Timekeeper’. 

Being more of a soulful and less frantic track, ‘Between The Lines’ is a great contrast to the A side single; having darker meanings and lyrics that gives music fans a wider perspective of the bands writing abilities.

Listen to ‘Between The Lines’ and watch the ‘Timekeeper’ playthrough video exclusively via THE MECHANIST’s YouTube channel. Links below..



“‘Between The Lines’ is about the guilt felt after not being there for somebody when they needed you the most. Then realising that they needed help when it’s too late and they’re gone; being lost in your own selfish life.” – states Sam Butterfield, THE MECHANIST guitarist.

THE MECHANIST’s debut EP ‘Minds & Machines’ was released back in 2017 and over the last eighteen months the band have been crafting their sound by playing as many show as possible. These two new tracks are the first of more to come from the band in 2019 but still have a handful of dates to play in 2018.

Evidently Meshuggah are a huge influence for many bands in this genre bracket and THE MECHANIST are no different, having a great deal of the rhythmic aspects of the band but with a twist of Born of Osiris meets Bury Tomorrow.

Live dates:
11th – New Cross Inn, London – Techabilitation
16th – The Key Club, Leeds

THE MECHANIST’s new singles ‘Timekeeper | Between The Lines’ are out now.


James Cheal – Vocals
Jonny White – Guitar & Vocals
Sam Butterfield – Guitar
Alex Wem – Bass
Les Harrison – Drums

For all press enquiries please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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