Introducing heavy rock quintet BLACKHAWKDOWN with new single & debut album

Introducing metal heavy rock quintet BLACKHAWKDOWN who are set to release their debut album ‘Chapter One’ on the 17th January 2020. Hailing from Peterborough; for fans of the likes of Alice In Chains to NIckleback, BLACKHAWKDOWN’s debut album has been in the works for a while.

Often aggressive in nature BLACKHAWKDOWN form the foundations of many of their songs with support from melodic and catchy choruses, accentuated by harmonised vocal lines. Some bands are one dimensional and others have several dimensions, BHD have 79 dimensions, developed over many years. This includes angst lead vocals with soaring backing vocals, a filthy lead guitar, more grooves than the emperor and more riffs you can shake an axe at. Lead single ‘Calling’ for example, wrote about one mans struggle with addiction is a perfect example of the original rock n roll the band are creating.

Check out the bands new music video for single ‘Calling’ here below..

Talking about the debut album guitarist Lee Daffern stated; “We take a collaborative approach to song writing but the big riffs that invariably signpost a BHD track are mostly provided by the main man Andy McGurk (BHD guitarist). Ben (BHD vocalist) writes the majority of lyrics drawing from his experience of living through a frustrating personality and occasional bouts of self-loathing. His lyrics tend to focus on personal demons or tell of stories of observed behaviours through fictional interpretations of human struggle.”

‘Chapter One’ track listing:

1) Faces
2) Calling
3) Matchstickmen
4) Simplify
5) Poison In My Blood
6) Lay Me Down
7) Exposed
8) The Smoke
9) Sick Kind
10) Times are Changing
11) Run

BLACKHAWKDOWN will self release their debut album ‘Chapter One’ on the 17th January 2020.


Ben Yardley – Vocals
Andy McGurk – Guitar
Lee Daffern – Guitar
Ant Nash – Bass
Marc Daffern – Drums

For all press enquiries please contact: Steph Knight @ Domino PR

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