Domino PR Clients Roster




Cielo Drive

Cosmic Ninja



Everyone and Anyone

Faces Of Eve


In Fear They Follow


Liquid State

Millie Manders & The ShutUp

Mountains To Move




Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons

Silent Descent



The Cartographer

The Forgotten Age

The Mechanist

The Ultraviolet


Virtue In Vain


Domino PR Alumni Clients:

Adelphia, A Mouth Full Of Matches, Amère, Anewrage, A Night Like This, ANTOINETTE, Apherium, Arizona, Ashfields, Avagrace, Backroads, Better Days, Black Futures, Black Ink, Burn It Down Festival, Calgary, Call It Off, Calling Apollo, Cambion, Capital Eye, Chasing Cadence, Chris Blackwood, Celeb Car Crash, City Of Ashes, Continents, COPE, Creature, Creature Of HabitDaydream Frenzy, Day Old Hate, DEAD!, Elasea, EnterTheLexicon, Everybody Looks Famous, Exist Immortal, Face The Ocean, Far From History, Fenrir, F.O.E.S, Forever Can Wait, Forever Never, Forty Four Hours, Future Talk, Fuzzy Vox, Go.Fly.Win, Hey Gigantic, Hide Your Eyes, Hieroglyph, HOURS, House Of Wolves, Hypophora, In The Cards, I Divide, In My Disguise, Iris, Kill The Ideal, Lacey, Lancaster,  Lemonfest, Lou Foulkes, Lost Atlanta, Mike James Rock Show Halloween Zombie Ball 2014, MassMatiks, Moriaty, My Extraordinary, My Favourite Runner Up, My Little Empire, Nightlife, North Seasons, Ocasan, Order Of Voices, ORION, Out For Tomorrow, OVER, Owen Penrice, Page 44, POLAR, Pop Punk Pile Up Festival, PH-ARM, Rat Attack, Ravenface, RCKLSS, Reventure, Road To Horizon, Schemata Theory, Set For The Sky, Seething Akira, See You In Reno, Serenity Came Calling, Shaded, Speaking In Shadows, Sworn Amongst, Terraform, The Firelight Opera, The Sun Explodes, The Wilde, The Young & Restless, Tim Brooks, TIRADE, Tom Lumley, Two Year Break, URSUS, We Are Carnivores, White Noise Radio, WRTHLESS, Villains and You Win Again Gravity.

Steph previously worked with a bunch of other bands, festivals and Record Labels freelancing. These included: 

Veil Of Maya, Hacktivist, One Minute Silence, The Algorithm, The Karma Party, Idiom, Palm Reader, Hey Vanity, The First, Violet, Black Dogs, No Consequence, We Are Fiction, Now Voyager, Napoleon, Azriel, Chronographs, Dead Harts, Senser, Ghostfest, Basick Records, Destroy Everything, Small Town Records, Ghost Music and Sumerian Records.

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