Domino PR Recommendations:

“Steph is a pleasure to deal with and works tirelessly to push her artists in my direction for radio and TV. She continues, year after year, to lift the lid on some incredible talent from the noisier end of the radar!” Charlie Ashcroft, BT TV & Amazing Radio

“One woman. One goal: to get get great bands heard by the nation. When Steph sends me something, I know it’s going to be amazing…and when you get thousands of submissions every week, that really REALLY counts for something.” – Alex Baker, Kerrang Radio, Absolute Radio, Kerrang TV & 4Music

“I’ve known Steph for a very long time and her passion for both underground music and bringing that music to a larger audience has been obvious for all of that period. She’s an enthusiastic and organised communicator who understands how print press works and makes my job easier, rather than harder. I always read Steph’s emails.”Tomas Doyle, Rock Sound ex-Deputy Editor

Present Clients

“Stephs passion for the music and drive is what made our decision to work with her. Her ability to organise such a busy campaign in the small time frame she was given was insane. We will be working with her again on our next release”Philip Cross, Continents

“Steph has done a huge amount for us and is always there to give us help and advice when we need it. She’s passionate about music and it’s reflected in her work.”Sam Avery, Creature

“Working with Steph you know you are speaking to someone who cares about the artist and is passionate about the music. Steph is not only professional while providing quality results but a genuine person. With Domino PR you are guaranteed to get the best results” – Hywel Thomas (CEO Half Hearts Music)

“Domino PR has been a company I have admired and followed since I first picked up on it.  Steph’s passion, hard work, experience and organisation is impeccable.  I now have 3 rostered bands who work with Domino PR, and i’m very happy with the work Steph puts in for them.  Domino PR is a company I would recommend to everyone.” – Jonathan Burgin, Elicit Music

“Steph is outstanding with communication from day one, which is key in the PR world, her enthusiasm stands out from the crowd too and she’s really helped us gain new fans all around the country via coverage!!”Sam Nichol, Lightscape 

“Working with Steph and Domino PR was the best thing we’ve done as a band so far! She worked incredibly hard during the whole process of our EP release and managed to get us some incredible coverage, including the likes of Metal Hammer and Powerplay! We would recommend Steph to anyone who’s looking for PR management – she’s honestly a god send!” – Keren Ashley, Liquid State

“I’ve worked with Steph on several occasions on behalf of several bands now. Each and every time Steph has gone above and beyond to get the results we’ve needed. She honestly can never do enough to help out the bands she works with. Steph, you’re a star!” – Adam Downing, Possessive Management

“Working with Steph has been a real pleasure. As a band we are really striving to push forward with our career and Steph made sure we had the best possibly start with a highly successful single campaign. A good PR  is essential for a bands development and Steph at Domino PR is right up there with the very best.”Darren Cole, Tenements

“I always will and always have recommended Steph at Domino PR to other artists. She always goes that one step further to achieve all she can for her artists which is so important in a day and age where people are more than happy to take an artists money and not do the work.”Tom Lumley

“Domino PR/Steph helped us massively when we released our debut EP, getting us press with the likes of Kerrang! + Rock Sound was more than we could have hoped for. An absolutely lovely person and a very hard worker, and definitely someone all of us in the band would class as a friend!”Alex Young, Tirade

“Steph went far beyond her job description when running us a PR campaign for an EP release and still stays in touch to regularly chime in with opportunities, long after the concise plan she structured for us had run its course.

She is a total pro and an absolute PR machine, relentlessly securing multi-media bizniz all day err’day. With ourselves being stereotypically, horizontally-inclined musicians, it was absolutely brilliant to have Steph chasing us up, kicking us up the arse, making sure everybody involved was putting in a shift to produce as successful a campaign as possible, all the while keeping us updated with emails and feedback with regard to what she was currently working on and how it was going.

Steph was a pleasure to work with, not least because of her professionalism, but massively due to her being totally mental and wacky and fun and brilliant. 10/10 would work with again and big time worth partying with.” – Harry Christopher, We Are Carnivores

Alumni Clients 

“Any band looking to take their presence to the next level would be wise in seeking representation from Domino PR. Steph Knight is not only hardworking and professional, but a massive pleasure to work with. I will most definitely be working with her again” – Shade Hartline, APA Agency

“Domino PR really helped our band to reach the next level. Steph was a pleasure to work with and lovely to talk to. She goes that extra mile and makes you feel at ease with whatever goal you are trying to achieve.”Tom Buxton, A Mouth Full Of Matches

“It’s a refreshing change to find someone in the music industry who isn’t just in it for themselves, and wants nothing more than to further your band in the industry. Steph is one of the nicest, kindest, most genuine person I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and it won’t be long until we work together again. Anyone needing PR, should look no further” – Jacob Scroggs-ParrisArizona.

“Not only does Steph get you great results, she is friendly and approachable and does the very best for her artists. We have a lot of trust in her, which is what you need when you work with PR. We’ll definitely be working with her again.”Kevin Williams, Calling Apollo

“Steph was our first contact with the industry and provided us with the knowledge and resources we needed to reach the next level – whilst catering to and understanding the plight of a small band. Domino PR gave us one hell of a jump start.” – Sam Matlock, DEAD!

“Steph has a perfect work ethic that combines seamlessly with her great character.” – Dave MooneyI Divide

“We decided to work with Domino PR on a big single release we had planned after hearing her on Radio 1. Domino really looked after us, provided us with support, enthusiasm and someone who could fill us in on the in’s & out’s of the music industry.  I like to bounce ideas round with people i trust and it was nice to work with someone that had good insight into the ever changing world of rock n roll.”Jordan West, Moriaty

“We’ve worked with Domino PR since 2012, Steph is extremely professional, passionate and has always gone the extra mile to help us reach our goals. She’s very well connected in the music industry and has opened the door to many opportunities for us. She’s always at the end of the phone for advice, and the support she gives us is second to non. My Little Empire are happy to be part of the Domino PR family.” – Rob Dodkin, My Little Empire

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steph at numerous festivals. Her ability to perform the job and organise schedules quickly and effectively is awe-inspiring. A great character, who I always look forward to collaborating with” – Matt Bradbury, Pivotal Management 

“Steph approaches her work in an enthusiastic and professional manner, genuinely cares about the music and therefore gets great results. Her communication and work ethic are a testament to Domino’s already excellent reputation. We look forward to continue working with Domino PR.” – Rob Jarvis

“Working with Steph, and Domino PR has always been an absolute breeze. Steph’s ability to organize so effectively on all levels, such as press events, online marketing etc is simply fantastic! I believe this has a lot to do with here impeccable attitude and vibrant personality. What can I say, simply a joy to work with.”Charlie Bowes, Seething Akira

“Working with Steph on Idiom was a real treat. She stepped in last min and delivered on everything. Her attitude was fantastic and the band felt instantly comfortable. I wish her the best with Domino PR, I’m sure it will be a great success.” – Arya Goggin, Drummer at Skindred

“We had the pleasure of working with Steph whilst she was with Hold Tight. Her efforts and attention to detail were absolutely fantastic. If you’re thinking of working with Domino PR, you’ll be in safe hands.” – Ben Poliszczuk, The Orchard 

“Steph is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her careful attention to detail and constant communication bring a personal touch to an otherwise faceless industry of PR.” – Ryan Penty, Booking Agent at Coda Music Agency

“Steph not only rocked as a PR (and could literally sell ANYTHING to ANYONE on the phone), she also makes a tasty cupcake.  What more could you want?’” – Ollie McCormackDirector at Top Button Digital

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