Domino PR is a Devon based public relations, sponsorship management and event support company within the music industry.

Steph Knight is the founder of Domino PR and throughout her ten year career in music Steph has worked with a variety of successful bands and musicians; those to include Rise Record’s Hacktivist, Prosthetic Record’s POLAR and BMG/Rise Record’s DEAD! prior to their split.

Domino PR offers affordable PR campaigns in the music industry for rock, metal and alternative acts world wide for coverage with print magazines, online content, radio airplay and TV airplay.

In 2015 Steph was 1 of 3 finalists for the Venus Award’s Business Mother Of The Year. She’s appeared in the UK’s prestigious metal magazine Metal Hammer and has run PR and marketing workshops all over the country, including at UK Tech Metal Fest and Exeter University.

In her career she’s appeared on Huw Stephen’s show on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Devon’s BBC Introducing Show for many years. In 2016 she anchored a one off show for BBC Radio 1 Academy on Exeter’s local station Phonic FM as part of their event at Exeter Phoenix, ahead of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend. She also appeared as a panellist member with artist managers, key Radio 1 staff and festival owners within the South West to give young people in the area some guidance of how to obtain a career within the music industry.

In 2017 Steph expanded the company and went into Event Support and Sponsorship Management. She now works with several festivals in the UK and Europe helping them with all the needs they require.

For any further information please get in touch: steph@dominopr.co.uk


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